Wedding photobooth concepts

Wedding photobooth concepts

For a wedding to be truly interesting and memorable there ought to be a photobooth. A well-designed photobooth gives you and your guests the opportunity to take photos that will give them fond memories of the event long after you’ve tied the knot. Therefore, you need to be innovative and come up with an outstanding photobooth idea to capture the jolly mood and happiness in the event. If you have such an idea, you should liaise with your photographer so that he can add his ideas and help in designing the photobooth to fit his work. While coming up with ideas about a photobooth, ensure that it is located in areas away from the traffic flow so that guests don’t get interrupted during the whole activity. Here is a range of great photobooth ideas for your wedding:

White cloth backdrop with floral props

If you can get a plain white piece of cloth, consider using it as a backdrop for your photobooth to make the pictures look as virgin as the bride herself. You can add pomp to the whole setup by adding floral props.

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A backdrop of strings of your old pictures and floral parts

This genius photobooth idea utilizes those old pictures that lay used in your album by using them as a beautiful backdrop. They create an elegant background to take photos if they are combined with flowers and ting lightings.

Wooden backdrop with hanging floral props

By now you should have realized that no photobooth is as stunning as that with flowers. In this case, for example, you combine the elegance of wooden planks carefully joined together with the charm of hanging pieces of cloth or flowers.

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Empty background, white cloth frames, and floral parts

You can instead opt to leave the background remaining empty and exposing the well-cut grass at the back. Remember to add a white cloth (or any other colour you please) together with florals.

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