What is Instaprint?

What is Instaprint?

We all know that a Photobooth is a fantastic addition to any event.  It brings people together to do something that all Singaporeans love to do. However, there is an element that is missing in a Photobooth. When you take a picture in a Photobooth, you get a hardcopy of the picture for you to take home. The only person who gets the softcopy of all the pictures would be the event host. This may not be ideal for most people because we are a social people. Singaporeans love social media. With 77% of Singaporeans holding a smartphone, social media is everywhere. 1.9 million Singaporeans use Instagram to share pictures and videos of what they are doing every day. If it wasn’t on social media, did it really happen?

There is another way to have a Photobooth and keep your guests entertained through social media. Instaprint is a service that aims to bridge this gap. With Instaprint, all you have to do is to create a unique hashtag for your event. When your guests post a picture on Instagram with your unique hashtag, it appears on the Photobooth application and can be printed on the spot.

This is also a great cost-saving method because your guests essentially become your photographers. If you’ve ever been to a wedding recently, you’d notice that there is always a unique hashtag and a Photobooth. However, the Photobooth still functions the same way. In events such as this, the Instaprint can be very useful. Since you are already using a unique hashtag, why not use it for your Photobooth too?

When your guests use the hashtag to post pictures, it gives you a database to keep as well. Whenever you want to look back at the pictures of the event, all you have to do is to search the hashtag on Instagram. Did we also mention that the Instaprint is significantly cheaper than a Photobooth? Call us now to find out how you can use Instaprint for your next event!

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