How to design your wedding photo booth

How to design your wedding photo booth

A wedding is an intimate function that you would likely host once in a lifetime. Couples want to make sure that nothing goes wrong during the event. Everything has to be perfect and most importantly, it has to be an enjoyable event for the guests. Happy guests = a successful event. A photo booth is now commonplace at weddings.

But how do you customise your wedding photo booth?


The backdrop is the most overlooked and most worried about part of a wedding photo booth. A generic design is unable to capture the occasion adequately. However, an overly designed backdrop can take away attention from the people in the picture. The ideal backdrop is one which describes the event and has good interaction. Simplicity is the key when it comes to a successful backdrop.

Flowers are always great for wedding photo booths. A symbol for love, flowers are perfect additions to weddings. Even a black and white picture will look good with flowers as the backdrop.

wedding photo booth

Chalkboard style backdrops are also a unique idea. Couples can fill up the chalkboard with quotes that resonate with their story or list down their story on the board. Do take note to not flood the chalkboard with too many quotes. It can become very messy and will be blocked by people in the picture.

chalkboard backdrop



Wedding photo booth props are important as it helps participants to take creative pictures. The difference between taking a picture with a smartphone and taking a picture at a photo booth is the creative element. Props help participants make funny poses and have fun with it.

Props can also be used to describe a person. These props are great because they serve as labels for participants. Participants can make poses based on the label that they have chosen.

wedding props

Don’t wreck your brains too much about what props you are going to have. People can be creative when they need to be. Anything can be used as a prop. Our well-trained staff are also able to give you ideas.


Wedding hashtags have earned the status of being cliché. But you should do it because it helps you to collect pictures on social media for yourself. Make sure you choose a unique hashtag that nobody else is likely to use. Another option for the wedding photo booth is an Instagram booth, also known as instaprint. Our instaprint system recognises hashtags on Instagram and print pictures out. This is a great addition to your wedding photo booth because photo booths are always crowded and usually attract long queues. With the instaprint, guests can skip the queue, post their own picture on Instagram and then print it out when they want to.

Photo booths are an excellent addition to weddings when done right. They provide endless amounts of entertainment and fun your guests. Contact us today to discuss how we can make your wedding photo booth a memorable one.

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