How different cultures design wedding photobooths

How different cultures design wedding photobooths

Everyone loves photo booths! From high-tech green screen and GIF booths to Instagram related photo booths, there’s something fun about grabbing props. Are you considering adding a photo booth at your wedding reception entertainment? In addition to having a printer, a backdrop, and a camera, it’s also important to understand the major differences between various wedding booths. We have previously talked about some concepts for a wedding photobooth. However, let’s look at how various cultures design their photobooths.

Western Photo Booths

These kinds of photobooths typically have more white backdrops as the bride and groom typically wear a white dress and a suit. They’re excellent for couples with a bright colour theme for their weddings. These wedding photobooths bring out the best out of a western-themed wedding. Some of the common backdrops of these photobooths include flowers. They are thought to be more modern. The latter is effective at making your western-themed wedding feel like you are out under the stars.

Malay and Indian Photo Booths

Malay and Indian weddings are generally celebratory, grand, and festive affairs with numerous guests. Their photo booths are creative, stylish, and full of cultural themes. These kinds of photobooths are more colourful as people who attend these weddings typically have larger varieties of colours – unless of course if the bride and groom insist that everyone wears the same colour. Malay and Indian wedding photobooths have more traditional props. They also have more traditional and cultural ornaments to the photobooth.

Chinese Photo Booths

Chinese wedding photobooths are generally more red (or shades of red) in colour as it symbolizes fortune and prosperity. Red is also associated with love, fertility, honour, loyalty and success. Props also consist of certain Chinese characters to symbolize the same thing. Couples are more into putting on traditional, fun, and formal outfits during their photo sessions.

Regardless of the differences in the styles of photobooth, wedding photobooths are meant to be fun, memory capturing elements in a wedding. Nothing captures the emotion of an event better than a photobooth. Contact us today to set up your wedding photobooths today!

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