Incorporating social media in any event

Incorporating social media in any event

Just like 2017 only bigger, social media trends are proliferating and are basically poised for taking over the world in 2018. Mobile devices abound and both augmented and virtual reality are everybody’s next favourite thing. So, if you’re an event planner and put together events on a regular basis, or if you’re just an individual who is planning a single event, like a birthday party, wedding, engagement party, anniversary party, or even a business function, you might want to put some serious thought into including social media in your venue. How? Well, it’s quite easy with a photobooth.

These days, event professionals are using social media more and more and their guests are loving it. So, here are a few tips and hints for planning your own event and making it better with social media. So, why not try:


Giving the event its own special name in Twitter hashtag format for including on your website, tagging all your tweets and posts, attaching to your emails, and placing on your banner ads is a great place to start. Everybody communicates via Twitter these days so use it to chat up your event and be sure to mention that you’ll have photobooth as well. Your event’s #hashtag is even more significant than your event’s actual name because it will be giving the event a social media identity and allows you the ability to be filtering any conversations that might be related to it on Twitter, while also tracking them before, during and after. When you monitor your #hashtag, you can essentially be turning social media into your very own private backchannel for listening to feedback in real-time.


  1. Make sure your hashtag is unique, memorable, and especially short. This is important because you want people to use it, not forget it.


  1. Giving your event guests Internet access via a photobooth at the event will keep them both happy and connected. A photobooth is an amazing social media tool that is both a conversation-starter and an attention-getter.


  1. Sharing live updates with followers is always a good idea so be sure to use social media in all forms to keep them updated. People love to follow what’s happening and your event could potentially go viral if you play your cards right.


  1. Display a Twitter stream at your event on screens placed around the room. Then, you can beam the tweets of your guests or attendees using services like Tweetbeam. People love to see their tweets displayed just like they love it when they see their tweets on TV. It can also amp up the competitive spirit among your guests.


When you have the foresight to integrate social media into a special event, you are not only helping to build more engaging conversations but also generating brand awareness for your company or just more friendly relationships among guests if the event is a birthday or other party, while also creating an event community, and extending the lifecycle of your event. The above tips can help you with getting started properly while also inspiring you with the endless possibilities of integrating social media into your next important event with a photobooth.


So, the next tip is the most important one of all, and it is to choose a photobooth company that offers Instagram photobooths for events like yours and successfully put your event over the top. It’ll be more memorable for your guests and you can relax during the party because they’ll be much more engaged and entertained. And, as you know, entertained and engaged makes for happy guests who won’t forget how enjoyable your event was. Selfiebox provides an Instagram photo booth so you can make use of social media in order to improve your event.