Plan the perfect wedding with these tips

Plan the perfect wedding with these tips

So you just got engaged! Congratulations! Now that the shock of the engagement is over and you have taken your 537th look at the ring upon your finger, you need to start making decisions. But where do you start? You’ve never been married before. You may have had a clear picture of how you want the day to go but there are a lot of things to actually consider when planning a wedding.


The timeline is everything when it comes to the wedding. The timeline affects the availability of the location, the availability of your guests and the availability of your vendors. We find it much more practical to pick a date range instead. Maybe you want to get married on your birthday or you want to avoid certain holidays, or you want to get married during certain holidays. These are things that matter because it affects availability.

Did you know that December is the month with the most weddings? It is tempting to plan a wedding in December because work slows down as people are getting ready for the public holidays and this is the month people have to clear leaves. However, this makes it the month where wedding venues are at its peak and there might be a chance your wedding coincides with another wedding that your guests must attend as well. As tempting as it is to hold your wedding in December, it may just not be the best idea.


The location is generally the biggest problem when it comes to setting up your timeline. A popular wedding venue is usually booked up for months or even years in some cases. Some couples already have a venue that they may have fallen in love with and insist on booking that location for their wedding. As great as this sounds, we think you should always keep your options open.

There are many guides on the internet now for wedding venues. Read as many of them as possible and look at pictures of the places. Pick a few that you might really like and then make a trip down to take a look at the venues. Doing this might actually open you up to a much nicer location which might even be cheaper. There are more couples getting married at unconventional places such as the botanical gardens or the beach. Hotels have become a thing of the past because of how expensive they have become.


Weddings are not cheap events. Couples should sit down with their families to see how much everyone is contributing to the wedding. Couples should try to not to exceed the budget that they have set aside. There have been many cases where couples take enormous loans for their weddings only to have it strap them down financially over the next few years. As much a possible, couples should not take a loan to do their wedding. If the budget doesn’t allow for a wedding within the year, then take 2 years or find a way to bring the cost down. Changing locations can be one way to bring down the cost of the wedding drastically.


Plan your theme before choosing your dress. Picture what your wedding is going to look like because this will be the thing that will determine the kind of dress you are going to be wearing and the decorations that are going to be present. This is also going to determine the kind of backdrop and props you are going to have for your wedding photo booth. The wedding photo booth needs to be able to attract and engage your guests. Don’t know how to design your wedding photo booth? Read this article for ideas!

Remember at the end of the day, a wedding is supposed to be an event to signify the union of two people. Make it as special as you can by hiring the best wedding photo booth vendor out there. Contact us now to make a booking for your wedding!

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