The logistics of a Photobooth

The logistics of a Photobooth

Photobooths are great for weddings, birthdays and corporate events because you can have a central place where memories are captured and brought to the forefront. A hired on-site photo booth gives a unique advantage, making sure that guests have an exciting way of capturing their memories.

For events with a large number of people in attendance, it might prove difficult for the photographer to take photos of all the guests. A Photobooth centralizes the service, making it possible for them to walking in and have a picture taken, the way they want it. To have a functional photo booth, there are a few things that you should consider before putting it up.

Location and Visibility

We cannot stress enough how essential it is to have the photo booth strategically placed in the event’s venue. You do not want to stack it in the furthest corner where the guests have no idea of its existence. Make sure that it is eye-catching, and for this reason, consider making some decorations that are appealing to the eyes around it.


Ensure that you have ample space for your photo booth. In addition to being sturdy, it also needs to have enough space to hold several clients at the same time. Remember that your tripod, table, and printer need to have ample space. A typical backdrop is 2m x 2m.


The size of the photo booth determines how well your clients can move around. For better organization, consider having two openings, one to the right and the other to the left. Make one the entry door and the other the exit to prevent crowding and collision.


The weather can sometimes be unpredictable. If your photo booth is located outdoors, ensure that you plan for all types of weather. If it is too windy, you do not want an embarrassing moment where your photo booth is blown away. If it is too rainy, ensure that it will not be watered down, and if it is too hot, do not let it feel like a kiln place. An outdoor photo booth is a great idea that can give you more ideas to make your client’s photos more exciting. However, should the weather be unfavourable, ensure that you have some space indoors to set up the booth.

Having a Photo Booth Guest Book

You want to be unique, and you also want to look back and gauge how you performed. Consider having your clients sign your guest book. Going home and reading through the beautiful comments is a sure way of giving you confidence that you are doing your work just right. The not-so-good comments will provide you with food for thought on what you need to improve.

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