Types of photo booths

Types of photo booths

There are many options when it comes to photo booths. Photo booths can be used for weddings, corporate events and parties. Selfiebox provides 3 types of photo booth. The standard photo booth and Instaprint. Exactly what do these mean and which one should you choose for your event? This article will help you to understand the 2 types of photo booths and give you a clearer idea of how to choose which type of photo booth you should use for your event.

The standard photo booth

The most standard kind of photo booth is an open-air concept photo booth. These have the advantage of being much bigger. They can accommodate more people in one photo and a custom backdrop can be used to enhance the photo booth. In this case, we used balloons to create a more sophisticated look for the photo booth. There are other kinds of custom backdrops that can be used to enhance the look of the photo booth.

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GIF photo booth

The GIF photo booth Is the same as a standard photo booth except, it takes 3 consecutive pictures and stitches them together. The GIFs are then sent to the couple to be distributed. However, people who take the pictures will be able to take home a photo card with all 3 pictures in them. GIF photo booths unleash the creativity within. They allow people to use movement to improve their photo booth experience.


Instaprint is short for Instagram print. This requires a hashtag that guests are required to use when they upload pictures on Instagram if they want it printed. Set up a unique hashtag that no one else would use like #AdamandEveWeds. Encourage your guests to take pictures of the event and upload it to Instagram using the hashtag. Our system will capture all the pictures that use the unique hashtag and print them for guests. The smartphone camera is now good enough to take a high-quality picture. This puts the photo booth in the hands of the guests. There will not be a queue at the photo booth to take pictures. However, this option only works on Instagram.

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Photo booths are great for any occasion. If your event has many kids, then a standard photo booth or GIF photo booth is a better option as compared to Instaprint as they are not likely to have an Instagram account. Moreover, this gives the kids something to do whilst the adults mingle. Instaprint is an option to consider if your event has many people. This eliminates a queue for the photo booth. This is a perfect option for corporate events such as D&Ds and product launches. The standard photo booths and GIF photo booths are great for weddings and birthday parties. Contact us today to book your photo booths.

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